Education Evolving Educational Landscape!

At RTPL, we rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving educational landscape that includes new technologies, new education business models, and cost pressures. With the goal of promoting effective learning, teaching and educational administration, we assist institutions to develop targeted software solutions that engage students, ease processes, ensure transparency and facilitate student success while keeping to a tight budget. We create solutions that work by blending the institution's ideas and goals with our expertise and services.

We deliver quality products of long-term worth. Each custom project is held to the highest standards in educational technologies. Our experienced staff includes full time design, development, and analysis departments. Customized software can be tailor-made for an individual institution or for a group.

We assist them in addressing the following:

  • Moodle Development Services
  • Education process automation
  • Online testing solutions
  • Academic content creation
  • Custom application development
  • Information Systems management
  • Skill development and training

Moodle Development Services

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) ranks right in the top bracket of Learning Management Services (LMS) on the web. It is free and open, making it a fully customizable system to effectively usher e-learning or virtual learning to your customers. Moodle is also known as Course Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment.

We offer:

  • Moodle strategy development
  • Layout, user management, and pedagogical specifications
  • Moodle implementation
  • Moodle customization
  • Module plug-in development
  • Moodle template designs
  • Integration with database and external management systems
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