Transcript VALIDATOR Empowers - Syntactical correctness of a document.

Gender Checker

The quality of patient records becomes a critical focus for patient safety and improved patient care outcomes. Quality practices of service providers can be monitored and enhanced with usage of technology, resulting in efficient workflow of clinical documentation. The validation process is necessary to ensure the correctness of results.

Following is the list of transcription validator tools, helping organizations to reduce medical transcription errors.

1) Gender Checker

Gender error is counted as a major error and can result in penalties. This tool can validate 500 documents in less than a minute.

2) ADT Matcher

RT’s ADT analysis and processing uses a specialized computer application, with access to all prior visit data for every patient, to validate records.

3) Blank Checker

There are instances when MTs fail to flag reports that need clarification and those reports get submitted to client. The Blank Checker tool helps in popping out such documents.

4) Report Name Checker

Checks for the consistency in report name and the patient’s name from the report.

4) Custom Rules Checker

For any other miscellaneous function besides the ones mentioned above, this tool comes into play. For e.g., validation of addendum to reports, allergies, report is signed off etc.

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